Professional Background and Experience of Edward Honnold, JD, LICSW

HonnolDCounseling is the private psychotherapy, career transition, and family services consulting practice of Edward Honnold, J.D., LICSW, in downtown Washington, D.C.

Edward Honnold is an experienced psychotherapist, career consultant, and couples counselor in Washington, D.C.  With more than 30 years of professional experience, Ed Honnold helps individuals and couples confront a full range of personal and professional issues and to undergo significant life transitions with dignity, strength and maturity.  

Counseling, Career, and Parent Coordination Services:  With an office near the White House in downtown Washington, Edward Honnold, JD, LICSW, provides consultation services to many high-level and other professionals.  He provides psychotherapy to help individuals and couples address a full range of emotional and practical issues in personal, marital and family life; career consultations to professionals seeking greater success in business life, new positions within their current professions, or a new career; and parent coordination services to divorced or divorcing parents seeking to collaborate in managing parenting decisions in the best interests of their children.

Extensive professional experience:  Edward Honnold has professional experience over the course of his 30-year career in the for-profit and non-profit sectors in Washington, D.C.; in the judicial, legislative and executive branches of government; and in private clinical practice.  With an unusual dual professional background and extensive professional experience as both a psychotherapist and as a lawyer, Edward Honnold brings extensive training, a comprehensive perspective, a high level of ability, and a broad background of experience to his work with clients on a wide range of issues in their professional, personal and family lives.

Wide range of personal and professional issues:  Edward Honnold counsels his clients on both personal and professional issues, including mood disorders (especially depression and anxiety), career change, conflict management, sleep disorders, substance abuse (involving alcohol, drugs, food, sex and work), relationship issues, divorce, and parenting issues.  Many clients seek Edward Honnold’s counseling assistance on more than one interrelated issue, or on different issues at different times.