Helping Professionals Improve their Sex Lives

HonnolDCounseling helps busy, high-functioning professionals in Washington to sustain and improve intimacy in marriage and other romantic relationships.

HonnolDCounseling helps professionals bring sexual needs out of the “shadows”:

  • Every person is sexual.
  • Men and women can live without sex, but without it, they feel deprived.
  • Those without a sexual partner deeply miss it.
  • Clarifying sexual preference is an essential developmental milestone.
  • Sexual function is not automatic or guaranteed, even with a good partner.
  • Sexual differences are a major source of tension between partners.
  • Unresolved emotional issues can cause sexual compulsivity and addictions.
  • Sexual deprivation can contribute to feelings of loneliness and depression.

HonnolDCounseling has extensive clinical training and experience with a wide range of interpersonal and sexual issues and is fully comfortable speaking with clients about them:

  • Finding a good “sexual fit” with a partner.
  • Maintaining sexual intimacy in marriage and other primary relationships.
  • Discrepant sexual energy, drive and interests in couples.
  • Managing sexual impulses.
  • Sustaining sexual energy.
  • Exploring sexual preference.
  • Sexual function.
  • Sexual compulsivity.
  • Sexual boundaries at the workplace.
  • Sexual abuse in families and with children.
  • Pornography and internet viewing.
  • Safe sex.
  • Exploring sexual options.

In a confidential professional setting, you can:

  • Admit one area in which you’re not an expert, and ask for help;
  • Be a “regular person,” with ordinary needs and desires;
  • Relax performance expectations to experience greater intimacy and romantic satisfaction;
  • Manage stress at work, so you have time and energy for a sexual life;
  • Address unresolved issues about your sexual preference or identity;
  • Confront tendencies toward sexual addiction or compulsivity; and
  • Maintain marital and professional boundaries.

With clinical licensure, extensive training, many years of experience, and a fierce commitment to client confidentiality, HonnolDCounseling provides an opportunity for professionals in Washington to explore this most intimate and personal side of life. 

Washingtonians make policy, make history, and make waves, but don’t make love.