Advising Professionals to Take Time for Kids

HonnolDCounseling helps professionals set limits on their work demands in order to have more time for their children.

Many professionals are high-functioning parents to their children.  Others are not:

  • “I want to provide well for my kids financially, but also to see them.”
  • “I rarely see my kids.  They’re asleep when I leave for work and when I come home.”
  • “My kids are not even happy to see me any more.”
  • “I’m smart at work, but a total idiot at home with the kids.”
  • “I expect my kids to keep total control of themselves, even while I lose control of myself.”
  • “I can’t stand the mess at home.  At work, I’m highly organized.”
  • “I get overwhelmed with anger at my kids, for no reason.”
  • “I resent the burdens on my time imposed by my kids.”
  • “I attend all my kids’ games and concerts, but I have no time to talk.”
  • “I’m an effective parent only on weekends, and often not even then.”
  • “When I get old, I’ll have missed the experience of being a good parent.”
  • “My children will complain to a therapist someday that I was never ‘there’.”

HonnolDCounseling can help you to:

  • Manage the anxiety involved in setting limits on demands at work;
  • Overcome obstacles to achieving a meaningful work-life balance;
  • Accept the trade-offs of professional accomplishment and family life;
  • Adapt to stress and sleep deprivation involved in having a young child;
  • Understand how frustrations at work can be displaced on kids at home;
  • Enjoy a relaxed family life while also maintaining effective boundaries;
  • Learn to communicate better with your children;
  • Appreciate pleasures of family life, while your children are still at home;
  • Adjust to loss of daily contact with your children, in the wake of divorce;
  • Adapt to the loss when your children grow up and leave home.

HonnolDCounseling helps busy Washingtonians make the tough choices needed to be first-class parents as well as excellent professionals.

Washingtonians could play fewer games in politics, and more with their kids.