Meet in Person

Many coaches work primarily by telephone or email.  HonnolDCounselingusually conducts coaching sessions in person, either in the office or in the client’s workplace.  After meeting initially with a client in person, some consultations may be conducted by telephone or email, especially if the client is traveling for business or has relocated.

Session by Session

Coaching begins with a single appointment, to discuss the client’s needs and situation, to set goals, and discuss the coaching process.  “Homework” assignments may be assigned for completion by the second session.  Subsequent sessions are set on an as-needed basis, typically at least one month apart, and may become less frequent over time.  


Coaching services are billed by the hour, at a rate that takes into account:

  • whether the coaching is for business or personal use;
  • if for business, the nature of the client’s business or profession;
  • whether meetings are to be held in the client’s workplace;
  • if for personal use, the nature of the problem to be addressed and the client’s level of income.

Drawing on more than 30 years of professional experience, HonnolDCounseling provides a flexible, multi-faceted coaching service to clients who wish to achieve practical results in improving their professional performance or personal behavioral life.