Telephone or Email

Communication with HonnolDCounseling can be either by telephone or email.  It is often useful to speak at least briefly by phone before coming in for an initial consultation, but a telephone conversation is not required.  Follow-up is usually by email, especially for scheduling sessions.  Response time is much shorter by email than by phone.

Returning Calls in the Evening

Ed Honnold responds to all communications himself, usually within 24 hours.  Telephone calls are usually returned in the later evening.  If you wish Ed to communicate with you by phone, please specify until what hour in the evening he may call you without disturbing you.


Ed Honnold is usually available by cellphone or email for emergencies.  If he cannot be reached quickly in case of an extreme mental health or other emergency, please call 911.


All contacts with HonnolDCounseling are held in strictest confidence, as protected by law and professional ethics.  This confidentiality is essential for everyone, and it is especially vital for those who are public figures or who have achieved success in highly sensitive positions (for example, in the national security arena), and who are committed to maintaining the excellence of their reputations in professional life.