Coaching Clients to Improve Performance and Personal Life

HonnolDCounseling provides personal coaching services to individuals, either in the client’s business office or the consultant’s office, to help a client:

  • Seek realistic and practical solutions to problems;
  • Set goals;
  • Identify practical steps needed to accomplish goals;
  • Establish benchmarks for measuring progress;
  • Create an accountability system to foster progress; and
  • Receive personal support and encouragement.

In the business world, HonnolDCounseling provides coaching to help entrepreneurs:

  • Take steps to start a new business;
  • Develop goals for growing the business;
  • Maintain accountability for performance goals;
  • Improve business management and communication systems; and
  • Overcome obstacles to performance and growth.

In personal life, HonnolDCounseling provides coaching to individuals who wish to:

  • Maintain an exercise plan and lose weight;
  • Improve order in the home;
  • Manage personal finances;
  • Balance work and leisure time;
  • Overcome fears of “going out” socially;
  • Set a “dating schedule” with a spouse or partner;
  • Establish cooperative tasks for family members; and
  • Mitigate phobias and compulsive disorders.

Coaching Can Help

In a coaching process with HonnolDCounseling, you will:

  • Have an initial meeting to set goals and establish an action plan;
  • Do “homework” tasks between sessions to mark your progress;
  • Meet periodically to assess progress, identify obstacles,  modify goals, and set new “homework” tasks;
  • Communicate, as needed, between sessions, to receive support; and
  • Meet for a limited number of sessions, over a relatively short period of time, in order to accomplish your goals
“Facing it,
always facing it,
that’s the way to get through.
Face it.”

JOSEPH CONRAD (1857-1924)