Career Consulting for Professionals in Transition

HonnolDCounseling provides expert consultations to individuals who wish to identify a career that fits their skills and interests, advance themselves within their current career, seek a new or better position, reassess and change their careers, or prepare for retirement.

HonnolDCounseling can help you resolve the major professional issues confronting you, as well as personal issues that arise in your work:

  • Identify a career that suits you:  If you wish to find a line of work that is challenging and fulfilling, HonnolDCounseling can help you assess your skills and interests so that you can choose a career that will sustain you, and in which you can succeed.
  • Find a job:  If you are satisfied with your current profession, HonnolDCounseling can help you find a job within your profession that will fit your needs.
  • Pursue your ambitions:  If you wish to develop yourself professionally, HonnolDCounseling can help you remove obstacles to your professional development and increase your productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Manage stress at work:  If you are overstressed and overburdened at work, HonnolDCounseling can help you improve your stress and time management skills.  If this is impossible in your current job, you may need to find work that makes more reasonable demands and comes more easily to you.
  • Confront your frustrations and disappointments:  If you are disappointed or frustrated because you feel unsuited to your current profession, HonnolDCounseling can help you assess the reasons for your dissatisfaction, and determine whether a different job or profession would suit you better.
  • Resolve your ambivalence:  If you are fundamentally dissatisfied with your work, HonnolDCounseling can help you take the difficult transitional steps to identify, develop and pursue a different profession.
  • Address personal issues:  HonnolDCounseling can help you identify and resolve issues in your personal life that interfere with your productivity and your satisfaction at work, or that are caused by demands at work.
  • Prepare to retire:  If you have completed your life’s work, HonnolDCounseling can help you develop the internal resolve and assess the financial and personal resources you need in order to retire, and to enjoy your retirement.

HonnolDCounseling can help you take a rigorous inventory of your personal and professional goals, and to take practical behavioral steps to achieve these goals, through personal coaching, practical advice, accountability, and skillful cognitive and emotional support.

Over the course of twenty years, HonnolDCounseling has helped hundreds of professionals in Washington, D.C. enhance their professional performance and, where necessary, undertake successful career transitions, often more than once.

“. . . while we think we are simply driving to work every morning to earn a living, the soul knows it is secretly engaged in a life-or-death struggle for its existence.”