“Coaching” Rather Than Psychotherapy

HonnolDCounseling can provide personal coaching services for you if you:

  • Feel “stuck” in your life, but do not wish (or feel the need) to “probe too deeply” into the history of your difficulties;
  • Wish to see practical results, rather than to analyze causes;
  • Have personal goals that are achievable, but not yet achieved;
  • Need encouragement and support to “stay on track” in meeting goals;
  • Benefit from a structured, personal accountability system;
  • Experience obstacles to goals, and wish to overcome them;
  • Have a tendency to procrastinate, or to avoid difficult problems;
  • Feel greatest satisfaction in “getting things done.”

Rather than coaching, HonnolDCounseling can provide psychotherapy services if you:

  • Have lost energy for life, and feel depressed;
  • Are overwhelmed with painful feelings, such as sadness or anger;
  • Have suffered a serious loss, such as death of a family member;
  • Are suffering an acute physical or emotional symptom, such as insomnia;
  • Are experiencing relationship difficulties and fear emotional intimacy;
  • Are recovering emotionally from a divorce;
  • Have issues with a child or other family member that require insight and perspective, rather than concrete behavioral action;
  • Have a problem to solve that is not within your personal control;
  • Struggle with “safety” issues through destructive behaviors.

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Edward Honnold, JD, LICSW, is both a professional coach and licensed clinical social worker (psychotherapist).  If you begin a coaching process with HonnolDCounseling but decide to address primarily personal, emotional issues, you may do so.  The process can be adapted to psychotherapy.  A psychotherapy process can also be adapted to coaching.