Meet in Person:  With few exceptions, consultations are in person.  On an emergency basis, consultations for certain services (excluding psychotherapy services reimbursable by insurance) may be by phone.

Individual Service: Ed Honnold provides all counseling and consulting services to clients personally.  He does not refer his clients to associates or personal staff.  He communicates personally with every client on both substantive and administrative matters relating to client service, including routine matters such as scheduling and billing.  
Appointment Length:  Appointments are frequently scheduled for 75-90 minutes in length.  Some appointments may be scheduled for up two hours or for just 45-50 minutes.

Scheduling Appointments:  Consultations are scheduled flexibly.  It may take up to two weeks to find an appointment time, especially for early morning or evening hours.

No Reminder Call:  Once you have scheduled an appointment, HonnolDCounseling will not call you to remind you of your appointment date and time.  It is your responsibility to enter the appointment time on your calendar and to keep track of it.  If you forget the date or time of your appointment, you may send an email request for a reminder or confirmation.