Counseling Professionals to Negotiate Love and Family Life

HonnolDCounseling helps professionals find a partner, sustain a marriage or other intimate relationship, improve family life, and navigate the emotional and practical challenges of a divorce, if needed.

Drawing on extensive professional training and 18 years of experience providing individual, couples and divorce counseling in Washington, D.C., HonnolDCounseling helps professionals build, sustain and negotiate significant personal relationships:

  • Find a Partner:  Many single professionals in Washington are too busy or stressed to make the effort needed to find a spouse or partner, or to sustain a meaningful relationship with one:
    • Many single professionals are emotionally depleted and lonely, lacking the personal emotional support that comes from having a loving partner;
    • HonnolDCounseling can help you manage the demands of your profession so that you can develop and sustain a meaningful personal life, including a committed, intimate relationship.
  • Pay Attention to Your Marriage:  Professionals in Washington who have a life partner often have difficulty sustaining the relationship:
    • Dual-professional couples often struggle with issues of communication, intimacy and control.
    • HonnolDCounseling can help you and your partner develop the skills you need to sustain and improve your marriage or other intimate relationship.
    • In a confidential professional setting, HonnolDCounseling can help you (and your partner) improve your capacity for physical and sexual intimacy, and address personal issues that may interfere with sexual performance and satisfaction.


  • Take Time for Kids:  Many professionals shortchange their families, especially their children, because of the demands of professional life:
    • Frustration from work may be displaced onto families, causing injury to family members and family relationships.
    • HonnolDCounseling can help you build the emotional skills, and allocate the time you need, to sustain a healthy family life.


  • Survive a Divorce:  Despite best efforts, many marriages fail, leaving both spouses (and children) to contend with the emotional, financial and logistical fallout from a divorce.
    • HonnolDCounseling can  help you and your partner negotiate the early stages of a divorce in order to minimize conflict, support the children, and make decisions that can avoid costly and divisive legal process.
    • Counseling can also help individuals undergoing a divorce to survive the emotional stress of separation and divorce, and to take steps to rebuild their lives after divorce.
    • If children are involved, especially in the case of high-conflict divorce, HonnolDCounseling can provide highly specialized Parent Coordination services to help parents sharing joint legal custody make decisions collaboratively, in the best interests of their children.

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